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l-acadian Acadian

This old garden shrub rose is sure to please.  White/pink blooms are wild rose scented and bloom all summer.  Leaves are ridged like a rugosa,  Height 90 cm  Hardy to zone 5

l-blaze Blaze

Climbing rose – has scarlet red blooms.  Vigorous climber, heavy bloom makes it a rare treat in summer.  Blooms once.  Height 300cm X 200 cm  Hardy to zone 6

l-bonica Bonica

Delightful sprays of pink blossoms, lightly fragrant. This hardy shrub rose blooms summer to fall. Great for hedge or mass plantings. Height & Width 120-180cm Hardy to zone 4

l-compassion Compassion

Climber. This beautiful rose had done lovely in the field, is quite bushy but can be trained to climb. Salmon pink, picture perfect blooms. Height 300cm Hardy to zone 5

l-dorthy-perkins Dorothy Perkins

This old fashioned rambler is a prolific bloomer, give it lots of space!  Will bloom for a full month in summer.  Sprays of pink blooms are lightly fragrant.  Height 400-600 cm  Hardy to zone 4

 l-gnomes-cap  Gnomes Cap

Low growing, all season bloomer makes a great ground cover.  Deep pink blooms in clusters, set off by rich green glossy leaves.  Height 75 cm Width 125 cm  Hardy to zone 3

 l-golder-celebration Golden Celebration

English – Yellow/gold large full blooms may bow under their weight. Very fragrant and showy blooming all summer.   Height 150 cm  Hardy to zone 4

 l-harisons-yellow  Harison’s Yellow

The old-fashinoned ‘Yellow Rose of Texas’. It blooms in early summer, only once, but what a show! Thorny plant with fine leaves, Height 150cm Hardy to zone 4 Great for those collecting the ‘old’ roses.

 l-iceburg  Iceberg

Floribunda – Fragrant, pure white bloom clusters are produced prolifically. Will take some shade, needs heavy pruning.  Height 100 cm  Hardy to zone 4

 l-ilse-krohn  Ilse Krohn Superior

Climber – This creamy white rose is beauty. It repeat blooms and the double blooms are fragrant.Vigorous grower. Height 250-300cm Hardy to zone 4 (Kordes)

l-kathy-wade Kathy Wade

Grandiflora – Med sized pink-cream-yellow blooms are stunning!  Canadian bred rose for our climate.  Blooms in flushes throughout the season.  Height 120cm  Hardy to zone 4

l-loves-magic Love’s Magic

Hybrid Tea – One of the loveliest red roses available. Large blooms, vigorous plant will bloom the summer with small lulls. Height 150cm Hardy zone 4

l-marie-bugnet Marie Bugnet

Shrub Rose – This old rose is a garden must. White, double scented blooms flower freely all summer. Great for hedge or where a hardy rose is needed. Height 100cm Hardy to zone 3

 l-mary-rose  Mary Rose

English Rose – Rose/pink blooms with a touch of lavender.  Large cupped loosely shaped blooms cover this scented rose.  Height 120 cm  Hardy to zone 4

 l-priarie-joy  Prairie Joy

Shrub – Light-med pink double blooms, flower is large cluster. A good repeat bloomer, Hardy and vigorous. Height 150cm Hardy to zone 3

 l-rokoko  Rokoko

Shrub rose – Creamy white blooms are ideal for cut flowers.  Recurring bloom.  Vigorous grower.  Height 150 cm  Hardy to zone 4

 l-seafoam  Seafoam

Shrub rose – White double blooms with yellow centers fill this rose. Makes a great ground cover as it’ll spread and climb up to 300cm.  Height 120cm   Hardy to zone 4


Climbing rose – This rose bears blood-red flowers in clusters.  The first flush is prolific, but later repeats less intense.  Hardy grower, height 400cm  Hardy to zone 4

 l-the-fairy  The Fairy

Polyantha – Once this rose starts blooming it puts on a terrific show for weeks. Clusters of shell pink blooms. Hardy and easy to grow. Height 90cm Hardy zone 4

 l-winchester-cathedral  Winchester Cathedral

English Rose – Large free blooming rose, repeat well throughout the summer. Blooms are clear white, fragrant somewhat loosely formed. Height x Width 120cm x 120cm Hardy to zone 5

Roses Grown from “Own Root”

l-charles-demills Charles De Mills

Old Country Charm’ describes this Gallica rose.  Very large, rich crimson
purple blooms are slightly fragrant.  120-130 cm height    Hardy to zone 4

l-hansa Hansa

This popular hybrid rugosa is an all time favorite.  Reddish violet blooms cover this rose in summer and repeat through fall. This hardy shrub is great for hedges and landscaping. Height 150-200cm  Hardy to zone 2


Harison’s Yellow

The old-fashinoned ‘Yellow Rose of Texas’. It blooms in early summer, only once, but what a show! Thorny plant with fine leaves, Height 150cm Hardy to zone 4 Great for those collecting the ‘old’ roses.

l-Kakwa Kakwa

An early and abundant bloomer.  Creamy, white double blooms cover this rose and are heavily scented.  Once bloomer, plant in mixed bed.  Hardy to zone 2.  Height 175cm

l-marie-bugnet Marie Bugnet

This old rose is a hardy rugosa hybrid.  Compact shrub with double true
white blooms.  Great for hedge plantings or landscaping.  Height 100cm.  Hardy to zone 3.  Blooms summer to autumn.

l-morden-blush Morden Blush

Parkland Series – This lovely rose will put on a show all summer. Blooms
range from pink to ivory white, depending on heat.  Height 75-85cm.  Width 75cm .  Hardy to zone 3

l-morden-centenniel Morden Centenniel

Parkland Series – Hardy profuse bloomer.  Rich pink blooms repeat through the summer and fall.  Good reistance to black spot.  Height 125cm  Hardy to zone 2

l-pink-pavement Pink Pavement

Fragrant salmon/pink pink blooms.  A great landscape rose, compact, spreading habit.  Tough and yet beautiful!  Height 30-40 cm  Hardy to zone 3

l-pink-surprise Pink Surprise

Med pink single blooms grace this shrub rose. This early summer bloomer is fragrant and hardy. Suited for hedge plantings. Own Root. Hardy to zone 4 Height 150-200cm


Purple Pavement

Purple/red blooms with yellow hearts.  Great for landscaping, hardy and compact.  Dark red rose hips add character in fall.  Height 40 cm  Hardy to zone 3

l-rugosa-pink(1) Rugosa Pink

Deep pink, single blooms cover this rose throughout the summer.  A fragrant, large hardy rose.  Great for hedge plantings.  Hardy to zone 3.  Height x Width 180cm

l-snow-pavement Snow Pavement

This lovely little rose is a hardy ground cover or for a low hedge.  Red buds
open to white with a hint of pink.  Very fragrant.  Height 60cm x Width 150cm
Hardy to zone 3

l-theresa-bugnet Theresa Bugnet

Hybrid Rugosa – This vigorous, hardy plant has quite large flowers.  Wavy
folded petals are reddish pink, fading as they age.  Sweet fragrance, blooms summer to autumn.  Height 175cm x Width 100cm   Hardy to zone 2b